A chance encounter during a hairy drug deal puts Monique Alexander in a position to be Blackmaled, like so many of her Vivid girl predecessors. Things get deep fast when she accepts an invitation to a party in the hood, and she and her best friend get a taste of the men on the wrong side of the tracks - and the color line. A wild orgy with the gang turns into an ugly memory for her friend, and Monique has to decide what's more important - her friends or her pleasure. Starring Monique Alexander, Claudia Downs, Jada Fire, Sandy Jackman, Tyler Knight and Mr. Marcus.

Beth and her best friend Suki grew up in privilege and comfort. Their boyfriends did not. They're gang-bangers. But they're really a gang of posers, partying with rich kids and pretending to be bad. Their lives take a sudden turn for the worse when they have an encounter with the real thing. Drug dealers on the mean streets of LA. Beth and Suki become drawn to the dark side of the city, where they must put their asses on the line. Sucking and fucking real street thugs and satisfying their secret desire to be owned.

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