Real Black Housewives Of LA 3

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Real Black Housewives Of LA 3

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Real Black Housewives Of L.A. 3

Horny Homemakers!

Life in L.A. is never easy, but even these ebony trophy wives get plenty of action!  Evanni gets caught screwing a married man and the drama explodes when his wife's plan backfires and she's left to watch Evanni take it up the ass! Ivy Sherwood hates her husband’s friend – but when they’re alone together, the sparks fly until she’s getting seriously dicked by him!  And a husband-and-wife fight gets broken up when a big-dicked pal stops by to mediate . . . and ends up giving Adriana a powerful humping with his 12” of ebony cock after her hubby storms off!  141 minutes + 26 minutes of extras.

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All Black, Black


HD Download, DVD, On Demand

Running Time:

141 minutes

Bonus Material Running Time:

26 bonus minutes
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