Straight from the vaults! Digitally remastered! Like the famous boxing movies that Rockey X parodies, this production is a clear knock-out. Welcome back in time to the age of adult cinema, where budgets are big, acting is considered an important thing and large casts and lavish production values were the norm instead of the exception. You will be treated to what has become a monumental event in adult entertainment. John C. Holmes stars in Rockey X. See Buck Adams and Jerry Butler duke it out in a very realistic boxing scene. Even if you remove the sex from this movie, it would be very entertaining to watch. With the sex in, it`s a real adventure, hitting on all of your emotions and settling firmly in your lap. Rockey X. Beautiful women, fighting mad men, big production and a lot of really hot sex. Rockey X has all of the ingredients which has made it a true classic in every sense of the word.

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Adam & Eve Pictures

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