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Pink Champagne
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Pink Champagne  
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Adam & Eve's Legendary Superstars Then & Now  
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Pink Champagne

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Kinky Classic Hollywood Comes Alive On Your Screen!

Perfect Light-Hearted Couples Viewing!

Become transported to a different kind of adult viewing experience –– a 70's classic created as a tribute to early Hollywood. You'll love the early 1930's detail as studio mogul Mr. Zagfield (Jon Steele) starts his day watching his black limo driver Snowball (Winston Forte) get a darn good handjob from his girlfriend April (ginger porn queen Lisa De Leeuw). Now that's one swanky car!

April steps into a studio dressing room just in time to see her head stylist give head to a stage hand –– so with a lift of her skirt, April offers her furry red pussy to the impromptu sex party.

The entire film studio is crawling with screwy couplings in every corner! Things heat up even more when Zagfield goes on a talent search at a special bordello. Impersonators there bring hot sex to their impressions of film icons like Zorro, Charlie Chaplin, Mae West, Marlene Dietrich –– and Valentino!

• Pink Champagne DVD
• A Hollywood mogul (Jon Steele) and his gal (Lisa De Leeuw) visit a bordello that has performers impersonating classic Hollywood legends having sex
• Released in 1979, shot on film
• Features the porn debuts of Ron "Hedgehog" Jeremy, John "Buttman" Stagliano and Tiffany Clark
• 18 sex scenes!
• Director Sven Conrads' (real name David Worth) tribute to Hollywood of the 1920's and 1930's
• As David Worth he went on to make mainstream films like Kickboxer
• Ends with a Busby Berkeley style musical number
• Original score by Jay Michaels
• 73 minutes + 58 minutes of extras

There are more nude auditions, more spontaneous sex in this sex comedy that'll put a smile on your face and get things twitchy down there. It all ends with an amazing Busby Berkeley-like dance number in a sea of balloons and barely clad chorus girls.

There is so much inspired sexual insanity in all 18 scenes, it's easy to watch your Pink Champagne DVD more than once –– or loan it to a fellow film buff.

See a youthful Ron Jeremy as a butler with aspirations to become the next Zorro as he fences when he should be working. His legendary member makes a fantastic debut with maid Linda Johnson.

AVN Hall of Famer and adult entrepreneur John Stagliano makes his debut playing Valentino (under the name "Mike Parker").

It's movies like Pink Champagne that made adult film's "golden age," so exciting and fun to watch. Created for release in theaters, adult films like Pink Champagne placed explicit sex into a conventional film setting, with the same kind of story telling and character development.

An original musical score shines, especially during all the dance numbers.

Watching Pink Champagne DVD is like the classic movies channel on...Viagra! Put a copy of your own on your must-see list today.

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Classic, Classics


DVD, On Demand

Running Time:

73 minutes

Number of Sex Scenes:

18 scenes

Bonus Material Running Time:

58 bonus minutes
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