John Holmes: The Lost Tapes

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John Holmes: The Lost Tapes
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Ultimate 4-Pack: Heat Edition
The Best Of Historic Erotica
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John Holmes: The Lost Tapes  
Adam & Eve Lube   
Ultimate 4-Pack: Heat Edition  
The Best Of Historic Erotica  

John Holmes: The Lost Tapes

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Johnny "Wadd" Holmes, The Well-Hung Legend Returns!

Don't ask us what closet, vault or storage bin these tapes lived in for the past 30 years, but here they are –– revitalized in full-color, digital XXX glory for you! See John Holmes' famous dick comes alive in 8 different scenes. These are the real boogie nights! See famous golden age stars like Rhonda Jo Petty (a Farrah look-a-like), deluscious Leslie Bovée (who has enchanted quite a few cocks in her day) and Maria Tortuga work John's ever-expanding wood! 85 minutes + 39 minutes extras.

8 scenes from the "golden age" of XXX!

Scene 1
You can see Holmes' 8-track player and you know it's grinding out some thumpin' disco beats for his landlady (Ashley Welles) to grind her hips to...on John's face! Turns out the "Wadd" has more tricks up his sleeve than just his humongous cock. A big hair brunette huffs down his flesh pole like a tasty snack –– make no mistake, his big boner is not junk food!

Scene 2
Rhonda Jo Petty does the Pussy Bump on John's mustachioed face. Made up to look like Farrah the Famous 70's Pin-Up Girl, sweet Rhonda Jo moans on the waterbed like a disco wench! Rhonda helps John with his thick dick by sucking it up in a classic "69" position. It's all about giving and receiving! Don't miss Rhonda Jo's ride!

Scene 3
Drop in on a strip mall back in the day, go behind that rack of polyester dress, platform shoes and...what's this? Looks like John is getting some old-fashioned "customer service" from lanky, lean dick lover Ashley! She just can't get enough John Cock! There's not much room, so they copulate standin' up!

Scene 4
John wakes up in a motel room and finds Leslie Bovée munching on his love log! Do you believe this "lesbian" when she says she's bi for the right man? Or is that just pillow talk? The proof is in her pud, where John's cock does its best grinding!

Scene 5
Join John in a mellow evening of interracial good times with a perky, long-limbed African-American babe and her leggy white girlfriend––Ashley! As girls do, they compete to see who suck more of John's cock! After a little leg show, some girl-on-girl pussy eating ensues and everybody comes! You'll love the way the girls put their heads together!

Scene 6
With his white boy 'fro, aviator shades, dangling cigarette and denim bell-bottoms, John gets sassy with the rich bitch (Connie Peters or Peterson) who owns this pool! She has a taste for strange and John's arm-sized cock is perfect! House maid Maria Tortuga steps out of her uniform to help out to a rockin' southern California rock sound track! This will cream your jeans as the girls wiggle their hot pussies for the pool boy!

Scene 7
The after-party with Ashley Welles means the dress code is "nude" and the soundtrack goes "chic-a-wow-wow" as John entertains her hot pussy with deep, life-changing thrusts. She, and you will never be the same again!

Scene 8
Here's a disco foursome that can't wait to party! The girls lose their Saturday Night Fever dresses, keep their heels on and wrap those pretty lipstick lips on a pair of hard cocks! Maria Tortuga even toasts the 4-way! Even though John has the biggest cock in the room, he won't harsh anyone's mellow, because this dude knows how to party––with Hillary Summers' pussy in his mouth!

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the lost tapes, item #m008   

on January 28, 2013

the lost tapes.
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