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The Justice League Of Pornstar Superheroes (Animated)

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The Justice League Of Pornstar Superheroes (Animated) Features

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Can these pornstars save the day?

Animated Version!

When a great evil threatens porn's very existence, The Justice League of Pornstar Heroes comes together to battle the Legion of Poon!  Can Batman and Robin tag-team Catwoman into sexual submission? Are Wonder Woman's truth juices enough to get the General talking? Will sexy Mob Boss stop the Flash in his tracks? Can Superman get Zatanna to turn a real trick? Will the Green Lantern let Harley Quinn strip him of his ring and more? What are Lex Luthor and Poison Ivy scheming?  Check out this adult cartoon, with authentic hand-drawn animation, and see just how crazy things get when porn and superheroes collide!  – Ian Ironwood, VideoGold Reviewer

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Ron Jeremy, Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn


Animation, Spoof

Running Time:

117 minutes



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xxx cartoon   

on February 6, 2013

i love xxx cartoons it would be better if u had enlish speaking ones then just subtitles
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